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Я внезапно осознал, что в цикле статей о начале звукозаписывающей деятельности не хватает важного звена — информации о подборе оборудования! Поэтому в экстренном порядке (вдогонку к ранее написанным статьям об организации саунд-библиотеки и азах полевой записи) я сделал выборку самых информативных статей о микрофонах, портативных рекордерах и сопутствующих им держателях и треногах.

UPD 06.04.2016

Нашёл статью на РУССКОМ про подбор оборудования и вообще про подготовку к полевой записи. Она не замещает данную статью, но дополняет её!

I’ve had three emails today from people asking advice as to what gear to buy when starting out doing field recording, and rather reply to them directly I thought I’d write some ideas do…

Источник: Gear for starting out field recording | Music of Sound

What you really want to know is: WHAT GEAR SHOULD I BUY… right? We have finally compiled our assessments into dollar-determined good, better, best-ness. There are links to our in-depth reviews […]

Источник: Field Gear: Good, Better, Best | Transom

The newcomer to wildlife sound recording has a bewildering choice of a wide variety of sound recording equipment, designed for a whole range of applications from recording voice notes to recording orchestras. The obvious question he will ask is «what is the cheapest equipment to make wildlife sound recordings».

Источник: Wildlife Sound Recording Society | Getting started in Wildlife Sound Recording

That explored the gear that 26 sound pros prefer. How can you use this info? What equipment is best for you?

Источник: Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide | Creative Field Recording

I have been recording wildlife sounds using a microphone in a parabolic reflector for over 20 years. Although some recordists feel that the use of a reflector ‘colours’ the sound, I am very comfortable with the use of a reflector because it allows me to make recordings where individual species ‘stand out’ from the background.

Источник: Wildlife Sound Recording Society — Mid-Side rig with reflector

Bringing nature to you in sounds and images

Источник: Listening Earth Blog » Blog Archive » Recording nature sounds, with Andrew Skeoch

Bringing nature to you in sounds and images

Источник: Listening Earth Blog » Blog Archive » SASS (Stereo Ambient Sampling System) – binaural microphone for nature soundscape recording

Three stereo microphones noise and sensitivity comparison. Shure VP88 – Rode NT4 – Audio Technica BP4025 This recordings include a spoken word from pocket radio at very low volume and ticking alarm…

Источник: Stereo microphone comparison | HLJÓÐMYND — SOUNDIMAGE

This is some of the gear I use, remember, in a previous life I was a professional recordist, there are less expensive ways to be a sound recordist.

Источник: » nature recording gear

1. What the….? I’m off on a field recording trip to Japan! 2. Why? Collecting ambiences for THE EMPEROR by Peter Webber 3. Where? As the film is set in 1945 I’m mostly going to sp…

Источник: Japan Field Recording Trip | Music of Sound

How to use a hydrophone to record underwater sounds. Many unique sounds can be recorded with hydrophones, find out how in this article.

Источник: Recording Underwater With A Hydrophone |

A good handheld recorder is an essential addition to any audio professional’s toolkit – but when it comes to finding the right one, it’s a bit of a jungle out there.

Источник: How To Find The Best Handheld Recorder | A Sound Effect

I’ve done a few upgrades to my mic rigging; while travelling I was very keen to find a way to use a single stand to rig four mics – my MKH8040s ORTF and a pair of DPA 4060s in spaced om…

Источник: Rig | Music of Sound

P.S. Естественно, для полноты ощущений неплохо посещать и сайты производителей, проводить свои поиски по сети, но я постарался дать предельно много информации. Не поленитесь хотя бы сайт производителей посетить и посмотреть возможные новинки или улучшенные версии тех же микрофонов или рекордеров. И… самое главное: мне чтение комментариев к некоторым статьям показалось более познавательным, нежели чтение самой статьи! Не упускайте комментарии людей из виду. =)

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